Thought leadership

After more than three years of creating content for and about the retail industry, I’ve developed deep expertise in digital commerce. These are just a few of the pieces that show breadth and depth of thinking on topics ranging from marketing to technology.


Retail Playbooks

Collaborating with with internal and external contributors, I produced a series of post-event playbooks, summarizing key themes from more than 80 hours of event content. These long-form reports generate hundreds of qualified leads for NRF event marketing. 

Insights from top retailers

It's not every day you get to hear top executives from major retail brands sharing their success stories and lessons learned. I developed these articles to bring insights from conferences and events to a larger audience.



Fresh ideas on Medium

Medium's tech-savvy readers have been a receptive audience for stories about startups and small businesses that are finding success by thinking differently about the customer experience. A few favorites:

Every now and then, I’m the interviewee and not the interviewer. My boss and I recently answered SmartBrief’s questions about how our team approaches digital marketing.